Takeout Time for Photo Shoot

Bride and groom should take out time for their photo shoot in marriage

Amit Saheta

7/12/20231 min read

Amit Saheta's H.D.R.I. Studio the time constraints faced by brides and grooms on their wedding day. Often, amidst the rush of the Mangal Phere ceremony, there is limited time available for a wedding couple photoshoot. Concerned relatives and parents may suggest capturing these moments in a later photoshoot, leaving the protagonist couple deprived of their own couple shoot.

However, Amit Saheta firmly believes in the significance of creating a lasting memory through a family portrait and a couple portrait. He encourages couples to book a dedicated slot for their shoot while making wedding arrangements. Just like you arrange for decorations, lighting, catering, videography, and photography with drones, it is equally essential to freeze these precious moments in time.

For Amit Saheta, the wedding photoshoot is an opportunity to celebrate the couple's big day in a unique manner. By capturing the couple's love and happiness on camera, he ensures that these moments are preserved forever.